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MU Connector


• NTT-MU hardware compatibility

• NTT & JIS compliance

• UL-rated plastic housing and boot

• High precision alignment

• Tunable zirconia connector ferrule

• Compact, pull-proof design

• Behind-the-Wall style short connector

• Low insertion loss and back reflection loss



• Video

• Telecommunication networks

• Data processing networks

• Industrial and medical

• Premise installations

• Wide Area Networks (WANs)

• Active device termination

• Local Area Networks (LANs)


• The connector can be supplied as a pre-assembled one-piece connector or as connectorkits.

• Clips are available for duplex connectors

• Housing kits without ferrule are available.

• MU/PC and MU/APC are available.

Single modeMultimode
Insertion Loss<0.30dB<0.30dB
Return Loss≥50 dB (PC) ; ≥60 dB (APC)
Durability<0.20 dB typical change, 1000 matings
Operating Temperature-40 to + 85°C-40 to + 85°C
Ferrule Hole Sizes125.0+1/-0μm, Concentricity: ≤1.0μm127μm, Concentricity: ≤3μm
125.5+1/-0μm, Concentricity: ≤1.0μm
126.0+1/-0μm, Concentricity: ≤1.0μm