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MPO - Jumper Assembly

MPO - Jumper Assembly

Passive optical interconnect jumper could connect to optical modules, optical FPGA and Silicon photonic chip installed on PCB, and also it could connect to any parallel optical transceiver modules, supporting various network types, including Ethernet network, Infiniband network and Fiber Channel network, the application equipment includes Switches, Servers, Storages, HPC, and, etc.


GR-1435, GR-1221 compliant 

Transmission mode: Multi-channel serial and parallel transmission mode 

High accuracy

Support: 40G(4x10G), 100G(4x25G)

Coupling Mode

Passive coupling with guide pins and 0, 8 degrees

Active coupling with light source and 0~ 45 degrees

Passive coupling with guide pins and 90 degrees

IL/RL Specifications

MT IL ≤0.60 dB   typical 0.20 dB   MT RL ≥20 dB

Environment Conditions



Connector A


Connector BCustomized Jumper/Lens
Fiber shapeRibbon
Fiber count12F
Fiber typeOM2,OM3,OM4;
Length50~80mm, Customized length available
Length tolerance