Jumper - Jumper AOC Assembly

Product description

GR-1435, GR-1221 compliant
Transmission mode: Multi-channel serial and parallel transmission mode
High accuracy
Support: 40G(4x10G), 100G(4x25G), 100G(10X10G), 12x10G, 4x32G, 8X10G, 200G(8X25G), 400G(8X50G), 800G(8X100G)

Coupling Mode
Passive coupling with guide pins and 0, 8 degrees
Active coupling with light source and 0~ 45 degrees
Passive coupling with guide pins and 90 degrees

IL/RL Specifications
MT IL ≤0.60 dB   typical 0.20 dB   MT RL ≥20 dB

Environment Conditions

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