LC Uniboot Connector with Up-down Tool


- Array connectors with high precision low loss MTP / MPO connectors;

- Smooth upgrading to next generation data center of 40GbEt and 100GbE;

- Outer jacket material option: PVC, LSZH and other selected materials;

- Cable flammability rating: OFNR, OFNP, LSZH.


Product description

The LC Uniboot Connector with Up-Down tool    combines a simple installation and removal process with space utilization efficiency.The compact design and easy, A/B polarity reversible function of the LC Connector makes managing cable systems   simpler, while the seamless latching mechanism ensures a stable connection. Used for single,  multi-mode and APC applications, the practical design of the LC Uniboot Connector makes it easy to  engage and disengage from even the most compact panels.



Single mode


Insertion Loss



Return Loss

≥50 dB (PC), ≥60 dB (APC)



<0.20 dB , 500 matings


Operating  Temperature

-40 to + 85°C

-40 to + 85°C

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