Mechanical Splicer


- Mechanical splice is a tool for quick and easy operation of field fiber splice application. It employs the mature V-groove technology, can be widely applicable for different optical cable,optical fiber splicing in fiber distribution units. Not only for the splicing of the optical drop cables with the pigtails in multimedia boxes, but also applicable for repairing any damaged lines to realize firm and reliable splicing in optical fibers.


- Precision metallic alloy components with co-axial self centering, excellent and durable optical property.

- Axially firm fitting of optical fibers,reducing any performance degradation due to loss in the matching gel

- Uninterrupted fitting and connecting technology, hence signals are free of impact from external force 

- High success rate and easiness in installation.

- Typical IL<0.2dB


Product description


Fiber typeφ 0.25mm& φ 0.90 mm
Fiber diameter125μm ( 657A& 657B )
Tight buffer diameter (μ m)250μm & 900 μm
ModeSM & MM

Average Insert loss

≤ 0.10dB(1310nm & 1550nm)
Return loss≤ -40dB
Fastening strength of naked fiber> 5 N
Fastening strength of naked fiber holder> 8 N
Using temperature-40 ~ 75°C
Repeatability(10 times)Δ IL ≤ 0.2dB ΔRL ≤ 5dB

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