Enterprise backbone

  • Mr. David Wang

    President of KOC Group

  • Mr. Yan Jun

    DGM, responsible for production management and 7S management.  Subordinates: production  engineers: 4 , administrators: 4, workers: 173 ;

  • Mr. Kendy Lee

    DGM, Responsible for research, technic renovation and technical supports for sales. Subordinates: engineers: 3 ,technicians:5.

  • Mr. Xueshang Xu

    Logistic Manager.

  • Mr. Simon Xia

    DGM, responsible for marketing promotions and expos.  Subordinates: 5.

  • Ms. Lisa Yu

    DGM, responsible for domestic sales and marketing.  Subordinates: 6.

  • Mr. NIKE

    Sales Manager.

  • Ms. Qihua Zhao

    QC Manager.

  • Ms. Wenjuan Gui

    Production Manager.

  • Mr. Jaky

    Purchasing Manger.

  • Ms. Sonia Liang

    DGM, responsible for sales and marketing.  Subordinates: 11.